How To Make Wood Ring With Stone Inlay?

How do you put gemstones on wood?

Using a “setting bur” or the angled tip of a drill bit the size of your stone, you can drill part of the way through and glue the stone to the wood with a bit more surface area. This also has the risk of eventually coming out and you have the color issues of not having a bright metal behind your stone.

How do you make a wooden ring?

How to Make Wooden Rings

  1. Decide on a design and gather your supplies!
  2. Cut out your ring blank.
  3. Mark and drill the hole.
  4. Sand inside the finger hole.
  5. Draw your ring shape and trim blank corners.
  6. Sand down to final ring shape.
  7. Bevel the edges.
  8. Heat treat the ring.

How do you inlay wood with epoxy?

How to create dramatic inlays with epoxy

  1. Rout the grooves. Because the epoxy is translucent, the grooves must be cut cleanly without burning, so use a sharp bit in the router.
  2. Build a dam.
  3. Mix the two parts.
  4. Tint and fill.
  5. Overfill the grooves.
  6. Pull off the caulk.
  7. Sand it.
  8. Rough out the shape.

What is inlay material?

Inlays are decorative features created by embedding pieces of a different material into the wood, typically flush with its surface. You can use inlays on any shape or design you can imagine, even Lichtenberg figures created with electricity.

Can I sand inlays?

Sand Like an Old Master The wood grain of the inlay pieces may run counter to the main grain, but don’t try to sand each inlay individually — you’ll just create a cacophony of scratch marks.

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